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19 May 2007 @ 12:51 pm
more random silliness. just because.  

So we sat around thinking up possible user names...

1) giantpenguy
2) jdruinedmylife
3) fuckjdcarson
4) i_fuckjdcarson
5) riley_fucks_jd
6) theonewhowearsthepantsoratleastfindsthemonthedancefloor
7) haha_buttsecks
8) jd_loves_the_buttsecks
9) jdmademedoit
10) gheyforjd

After much heated discussion--and the fact that the rest were all taken (with the exception of number six, which was too long)--we finally decided on number ten... 'Cuz he loves this band called Gay For Johnny Depp, and OMG, JOHNNY DEPP TOTES HAS THE SAME INITIALS AS ME!!!

Ooooh. And we also made icons for his new journal!!
He made some. And I made some.
But of course, MINE ARE BETTER. (because I pimp myself... mwahahaha... =)

These are MADE BY ME:

And my favorite, 'cuz together, Riley and I are insane with the photoshop manips!!!
To prove it:

j.d. carson: brandon hmm?dear_carson on May 20th, 2007 08:02 am (UTC)
I have been wondering where my only original b.flow fan had gone... But then again, while you were missing in action, a whole bunch of b.flow wackos signed up for the insanity...

So I haven't really missed you all that much since...

Just kidding!!!
I heard about your busy schedule (guess who told me?), so I managed to cool off my abandonment-issues and panic attacks... =D

Glad you're liking the glimpse into my "actual" life... -wondering why it's in quotes...-
Was a little worried about letting myself show in the midst of all the smut I write, but... Whatever. Someone should have told me how strangely addictive it is to have social interactions with people over the INTERNET!!! I always thought it'd be filled with losers who don't have a life outside of cyberspace...

-ponders a fleeting moment of self-reflection-
Introducing: ellenellen_melon on May 20th, 2007 01:22 pm (UTC)
i am your one and only original b.flow slash fan. and dont you forget it.

whilst flitting through my flist i noticed you had some new people filling in the gaps. and i felt...


god. thats pathetic isnt it!!

i am ashamed. so ashamed.

i dont know why i put real life in quotes. the way my brain is at the moment....its all melty and stuff.

talking with people on the internets is a grand pastime. sometimes its more fun than talking with my real life friends! :D