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19 May 2007 @ 12:51 pm
more random silliness. just because.  

So we sat around thinking up possible user names...

1) giantpenguy
2) jdruinedmylife
3) fuckjdcarson
4) i_fuckjdcarson
5) riley_fucks_jd
6) theonewhowearsthepantsoratleastfindsthemonthedancefloor
7) haha_buttsecks
8) jd_loves_the_buttsecks
9) jdmademedoit
10) gheyforjd

After much heated discussion--and the fact that the rest were all taken (with the exception of number six, which was too long)--we finally decided on number ten... 'Cuz he loves this band called Gay For Johnny Depp, and OMG, JOHNNY DEPP TOTES HAS THE SAME INITIALS AS ME!!!

Ooooh. And we also made icons for his new journal!!
He made some. And I made some.
But of course, MINE ARE BETTER. (because I pimp myself... mwahahaha... =)

These are MADE BY ME:

And my favorite, 'cuz together, Riley and I are insane with the photoshop manips!!!
To prove it:

Malcaptnmal on May 19th, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC)
-rubs head and shots you a look- Like it rough, eh?

No comment. *G* I'll be mean in due time. Just you wait. I can be rather...rough.

OMG yes! The fanclub! Tahaha. I really want to make packets and have all sorts of goodies in it, like buttons, and like a tigerbeat mag., and STICKERS with FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS.

Ohgod I am gonna die. So great. XD Just stinks that it is an internet club....but you really can't trust some people. *eyes you. stops. thinks. Rather you should be eye-ing me*

Yay! ICON LOVE! *snatch*

I don't like cuddling much, so it's a stretch for what I would do for J.D.! hahaaha!! THAT. WAS. GREATNESS.

I think it'll be fun to start a revolution in my name.

I think if I were anyone else but me...I would be like Woah Mr. Big Head things way too much of his pretty silly lovely self. But IT IS me...so it's going on my quotes list!! =]

Surprise me with the icon.


Dear. I am leaving in three hours. *cries*